Illustrator of the Week - Ethen Beavers

Ethen Beavers is a comic book artist and now children's book artist from Modesto, CA. Ethen's comic industry work includes sequentials on such titles as Justice League Unlimited, SIX, Noble Causes: Distant Realtives, as well as pin ups in Savage Dragon and Hellhounds. He has also done logo design work as well as freelance illustration for various advertising agencies. Ethen also keeps himself busy as storyboard artist for Warner Brothers Justice League Unlimited animated show on Cartoon Network.

Recently Ethen hooked up with Michael Buckley to illustrate the book NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, featuring a group of unpopular students who run a spy network from inside their school, hits the mark. With the help of cutting-edge science, their nerdy qualities are enhanced and transformed into incredible abilities! They battle the Hyena, a former junior beauty pageant contestant turned assassin, and an array of James Bond–style villains, each with an evil plan more diabolical and more ridiculous than the last.