Author of the Week - Brian Falkner

After dishing about The Tomorrow Code on Sunday, I thought I should learn a little bit more about this author from the Pacific. Brian Falkner was born in 1962 in Auckland and grew up on the North Shore. At 21 he left for the South Island, but returned to Auckland five years later and has lived there ever since. He studied computer science at Auckland University but received his diploma in journalism. Throughout the years Brian has had an unusual variety of jobs including a dtich digger, dish washer, radio journalist, copywriter, motorcycle courier, radio announcer, internet developer, graphic designer and his current job as a consultant. I guess the saying that writers must piece together a life is a reality for Mr. Falkner. Besides writing and working, Brian enjoys doing school visits and watching rugby. His books have numerous awards in New Zealand and Australia. Other than The Tomorrow Code, he has also written Brain Jack, The Flea Thing, The Real Thing, and The Super Freak.