Children's Books Featuring Bikes or Along for the Ride

I couldn't decide on a good title for this post. One must make these things so that they are googleable, however I would rather have something catchy, and yes even kitchy, but it is the price one must pay in order for people to find these things.

I recently learned of a new film being released called Premium Rush in which a NYC bike messenger is featured. As an avid cyclist, this peeked my interest although I am miffed by the whole one speed bike with no brakes, but then again I don't live in a place that is flat and I am not brave enough to go without brakes. Also, I love my fast road bike with its many gears. After watching the trailer a few times (yes, I do get a little obsessed over these things), I couldn't help but think of all the wonderful books out there that feature cyclists and their riders, something that for most kids is a major part of their growing up experience. See my previous entry regarding Summer Sounds. So I pulled together a small compilation of books that aren't about bikes, but rather feature them. I hope it will add a book or two to your reading list. And the movie trailer of course.