City of Bones Book Review

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray is like every other fifteen-year-old in New York City. She goes to teen clubs, hangs out with her best friend Simon, and obsessed over her next cup of coffee. Then, Clary witnesses a bizarre murder, in which three tattoo-covered make someone literally disappear. Even more bizarre is that only Clary can see them. This is only the beginning as Clary gets sucked into the dark world of Shadowhunters, warriors who are bidden to rid the world of demons. When Clary's mother is taken, Clary finds herself allying with Jace, a beautiful guy with a jerk personality. Clary must discover what anyone would want with a mundane like her and her mother and more importantly, why she has the Sight. 

I really enjoyed the pacing of this book, the massive amounts of action scenes made me happy. Clary is smart and clever and holds her own against the uber cool Shadowhunters. She never lets Jace walk over her. She may take some of the revelations a little too well, at least not the way I imagine any fifteen-year old would, but then that may have taken away from her coolness. Or added more depth. Either way, we will never know. I loved that her best friend Simon was brought back into the picture as he added a certain amount of levity to the story, especially considering he spent a fourth of the book as a rat.

Despite loving the supernatural action, I'm afraid the plot is not terribly original. Generally, I am a well-behaved reader. I don't try to solve the mystery or figure out the end or guess where the plot is going, but sometimes authors just make it too easy. The twists were rather predictable and I have a preference for being surprised. Of course, there has to be a love triangle, which seems to be the YA go-to these days and I find it incredibly cloying, but there seems to be no avoiding it.

If I have time and can get them on audio book, I think I may continue the series, but I won't be gobbling them down like I do The Maze Runner series or Bloody Jack.