Motordog by Kurt Cyrus Book Review

Motordog by Kurt Cyrus 
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: February 25, 2014

A dog is man's best friend, even if he is robotic, but Flip gets more than he bargained for when Scoot the Cat comes on scene. Soon his new robo-pet is not obeying any of the voice commands and things begin to go completely haywire.

There is no doubt that Kurt Cyrus, a concept artist who has worked for Disney and Pixar, is a talented artist. However, the story itself felt a little flat. The rhymes did not roll off the tongue and I found myself tripping over the book as I read it aloud to my nephew. In fact, after looking over the book again, I think it would have made a rather nice wordless picture book. Add a few more gadgets for Motordog and it would be almost like an Inspector Gadget like character without the clunky poetry. 

That said, my nephew loved it and did want me to read it to him again, but unlike my favorite Piggie & Elephant books, I don't think parents are going to love reading this one over and over again.