Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads by Bob Shea Book Review

Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads by Bob Shea
Illustrations by Lane Smith
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Drywater Gulch has a toad problem. Not the hop-down-your-britches, croaking-all-night toad kind of problem. Instead it is the thievin', hootin' and hollerin', steal-your-gold never-say-thank-you outlaw Toad kind of problem. Then hope rides into town in the form of seven-year-old Sheriff Ryan. He might not know much about shooting and roping, but he does know a lot about dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. And it turns out that knowing a thing or two about paleontology may be just the thing they need to round of some no-good bandits.

This book was a fun one to read aloud, although it lacked any kind of logical story-line. A seven-year-old sheriff with a knowledge of paleontology that insists that all the thievin' being done in Drywater Gulch is actually dinosaur activity. Despite the dialectic mouthfuls, I was left wondering what in the world I had read at the end and whether I was supposed to be making sense of it. Lane Smith's illustrations are en pointe as always. In the end this was just a silly book that holds some appeal for kids and some interesting dinosaur facts, but don't expect it to make sense.