Dino-Swimming by Lisa Wheeler Book Review

Dino-Swimming by Lisa Wheeler 
Illustrations by Barry Gott
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Release Date: October 1, 2015

The Land Sharks take on the Algae Eaters in a dino-swimming showdown. Raptor and Stegosaurus start it off in the individual medley, while the Ptero twins battle it out in the butterfly race. Then Galli and Diplo wow the crowd with their flips and tricks off the diving board! But which team will win the swim meet? It comes down to the last event, the backstroke. Both Stego and Galli think they'll take the prize. Let's hope these dinos remembered their goggles―this swim meet is bound to make a splash!

Kids love dinosaurs, which is probably why so many picture books exist with dinosaurs doing everything from eating, brushing their teeth, getting lost in New York City, and now...swimming. It's the usual fictionalized tale with lots of dinosaur names and not much else. Not that this makes the book bad, because kids will absolutely love it, but it is just another dinosaur book in a weird setting. I know that doesn't sound fair because really, there are so many dinosaur books out there it's not like originality can even be a thing. Any dinosaur loving kid will want to get their hands on this book and double bonus if some of those kids also have a love for swimming.