Green with Envy: New Releases from Hamline graduates and others

So I have a confession to make. Obviously, I have been rather lax in my blogging duties as of late. I have a great many excuses that involve being a newlywed and working two jobs and so on, but the truth is, I have been rather tired of late and at the end of a long day, I want to veg in front of the television with a bowl of Cookies & Creme frozen yogurt and a good action flick rather than blog. Occasionally, I get twinges of guilt, but then I convince myself that no one is really reading anyway. Then I get my blog statistics report and am reminded that a couple hundred people visit every week and I am a sorry excuse of a blogger. Hangs head in shame.

The real confession is this: I am jealous of my fellow writers.

A few times now I have been asked to review a book or feature a book or interview an author and I have not done so for various reasons. The first being that I made it a steadfast rule from the beginning to never review the book of a friend or classmate. I have no regrets with this rule other than the fact that you, my readers, never get to hear about some of the amazing books written by my wonderful colleagues. The jealousy part doesn't play a part in any of this other than to make me feel like a terribly lazy writer every time one of them publishes something new. On the one hand I am excited for them and yet on the other...

So without further ado, here are some of the most recent books of some of the people that I consider my colleagues and friends that one day I will join the ranks of if I can only pry myself away from the television.