Forgotten Author of the Week - Eleanor Cameron

Eleanor Cameron was born in Canada, but spent most of her life in California. She grew up and married in Berkeley, California and then later she moved to Pacific Grove, where she lived for the rest of her life. Eleanor is most well known for her series, The Mushroom Planet novels. The novels are set on a tiny, habitable second moon in an invisible orbit 50,000 miles from Earth. The "Mushroom PLanet" is covered in various types of mushrooms and is populated by little green people. The series includes:

Eleanor also wrote a second series called the Julia Redfern series, as well as a few others that were both realistic and sci-fi in nature.
    • A Room Made of Windows (1971)
    • Julia and the Hand of God (1977)
    • That Julia Redfern (1982)
    • Julia's Magic (1984)
    • The Private Worlds of Julia Redfern (1989)