Friends by Aiko Ikegami Book Review

Friends by Aiko Ikegami 
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Release Date: March 1, 2016

A little girl is beginning her first day at school, but she doesn't speak the language and looks different from everyone else. Then she meets a squirrel. Soon she has made friends with all kinds of woodland creatures which leads to human friends too. And when a new student show up, the little girl knows just how to make him feel at home.

Ahh, if only we could all just sit around and then magically make new friends, life would be so much easier. The illustrations in this book are quite lovely, but I found the message to be a little unrealistic. Friends don't just come to you, animal and human alike. It requires patience and work on both parts. Although, I did appreciate the effort she made to make the new kid feel welcome. As someone who has moved a few times now, I get being the new person in a new place and have always taken great care to befriend those who are new because I know what it feels like.