Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood Book Review

Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Release Date: December 8, 2015

Three royal houses, all on the brink of collapse must ally together for mutual survival. And so it is agreed that the heir to the House of Fane shall marry the son of the House of Westlet. Asa is the youngest of the three daughters of the House of Fane. When her eldest and closest sister is injured and in a coma, Asa never leaves her side, sure that with the right treatment Wren will wake. Her father has other plans though. If Wren is pulled from life support, Emmie, the middle daughter will then be the heir and can complete the blood bond between Fane and Westlet. Asa cannot allow that to happen. So she secretly drugs her sister and takes her place as Eagle's bride. However, Asa's actions, although possibly saving Wren from death, has ruined everything else.

This book was sent to me from a former classmate who, for some reason thought that this would be my type of book. She was right. Perhaps it was because of the vague Dune-like quality in the book with the various houses and their political allegiances. Maybe it was the fact that, for the first time in a long time, there is a character who actually goes into a marriage not kicking and screaming. Sure, the reasons are a bit unconventional, however Asa has very little worries about the marriage itself. This may be a bit of immaturity on her part, but I found it refreshing. Of course, there is a love story, but it progressed at a pace that felt realistic, rather than headlong Romeo & Juliet. Asa finds herself caring for Eagle little by little. The lie she tells about how they met becomes more and more tinged with words of love.

I also liked how the story centered around love, but not a romantic kind. A love between two sisters. After all, this is the reason she has done everything. Without giving too much away, Asa finds a deep love even for those that she had previously only felt vaguely connected to. A great sci-fi that I think would be accessible to those who aren't exactly sci-fi readers either. I am not sure what age level this is supposed to be, but I would place it in the young young adult category. Perfect for grades 5-8.

I also managed to "sell" this book to the woman who was drawing my blood at the doctor's office. She asked what I was reading, I told her about three sentences, and as I was getting ready to leave, she asked for the title to write it down. I just so happened to have the postcard that came with the book (thanks Polly!) and handed it over. Came back a week later and she said she had bought it.