Forgotten Author of the Week and Books of the Week - Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

I'm combining two posts this week as it is my blog and that's what I feel like doing this week. Stella Gibbons is by no means considered a children's author, however her books hold a certain amount of childlike fun.

Stella was born in 1902 in London, the daughter of a doctor who she said was a "bad man", but a good doctor. Stella was taught from home before attending North London Collegiate School for Girls. In 1921 she received her 2-year degree in Journalism and received a position working with the British Union Press in 1924. Her job at the Union Press quickly led to a decent career as a journalist where we also work for Evening Standard and Lady. While working for the Standard, Mary Webb's (author of Gone to Earth) books made a resurgence and Stella was forced to write reviews. She disliked Mary Webb's books, which became the catalyst for her book Cold Comfort Farm.

Many are not familiar with Stella Gibbons, Cold Comfort Farm being the only book still in print, Stella was actually the author of 25 books. A mixture of fiction, poetry, and one children's book, The Untidy Gnome. Many of those books received very positive reviews at their releases. Although Gibbons is not considered a children's author her books are all appropriate for teenage readers, especially Cold Comfort Farm. If you loved Jane Austen or any other classical romantic writer then this is the perfect book to bring a smile to the face.