Book of the Week - Elephant and Piggie Series

Mo Willems can do no wrong in my eyes. I haven't read a book yet that I haven't enjoyed thoroughly. Not only are they great reads, but they are incredible to read aloud. The Elephant and Piggie series is no exception. So far the series has 10 books.

Pig Makes Me Sneeze
Elephants Cannot Dance
Watch Me Throw the Ball
Are You Ready to Play Outside?
I Love My New Toy!
Today I Will Fly!
I Will Surprise My Friend!
My Friend Is Sad
I Am Invited to a Party
There Is a Bird On Your Head!

Each is a morality tale dealing with issues like sharing, annoyance, self-esteem, having fun, and most of all friendship. Young and old readers alike will love the banter that goes on back and forth between Piggie and Elephant, reminiscent of Pigeon. Mo Willems has a great interactive website for all those who love his books and wonderful resources for teachers and librarians.