Book of the Week - Robot Zot

I decided to read this delightful little book to the children at story time, expecting the same excitement that I get every time I read a book by Jon Scieszka. Sadly, the looks on the kids' faces was one of confusion rather than hilarity. Now, don't get me wrong, the book is delightful. Robot Zot is a robot from another planet who comes to earth for conquering and conquest. He discovers all kinds of monsters to kill such as various kitchen appliances. Robot Zot is sadly a very small bot. He falls in love with a toy phone and saves her, taking her back to her planet.

The language of the book is great and fun to read. Even better if you read it like a robot. I think the problem with the story is that the kids just didn't get it. They were confused as to whether Robot Zot was an alien or a toy. They weren't sure what the phone toy was. As an adult I loved this book, but it is definitely for the smart older child. Or at least requires some explanation.