Illustrator of the Week - Sujean Rim

As with all things, I needed a short vacation from this blog. Not that it is problematic in any way, but simply because, after two years of consistent postings, I needed a sabbatical, even if it was for only one week. So here we are again.

Sujean Rim is a native New Yorker. She began her career studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design. After school, she found herself studying shoe design and accessories for large companies. Sujeann has been working for years in the fashion and illustrating industries working for everyone from Tiffanys to Simon & Schuster to Marie Claire. It is no surprise that with a background like this, Sujean would illustrate and write Birdie's Big-girl Shoes, a whole collection of shoes that this budding fashionista can strut about in.