Under the Jolly Roger Book Review

Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber by L.A. Meyer

Jacky Mary Faber is up to her old tricks. After leaving Boston in chaos, she signs on to a whaler, eventually finding her way back to London and her beloved Jaimy. Instead she finds Jaimy in the arms of another woman. Jacky's usual impetuousness send her running straight into the arms of a press gang and soon Midshipman Jacky Faber finds herself and her womanhood up for grabs. Being Jacky, she soon finds herself in a world of trouble that makes her a Lieutenant and then a Captain and eventually, for it was inevitable, a privateer with her own ship.

My dear readers, you need to begin reading this series, because I am going to continue reviewing them and as much as I don't want to give things away, I can't stop reading and writing about it. These books are so much fun. Jacky is wonderfully misbehaved and the trouble she gets herself into is delicious. L.A. Meyer's attention to detail made me smile. I don't even know if everything described in the book is what a real sailor would do, but there is such an air of authenticity, that real or not, I believe it.

I think I am jealous of L.A. Meyer though. He has found such a wonderful character in Jacky, a character that a reader wouldn't mind following for years and years. Considering how much she has accomplished in three books (six years), one can only imagine what she will do in a lifetime. That is, if she doesn't find herself at the end of a hangman's noose. I am jealous that he found such a strong voice and brilliant plot ideas.

Please someone, say I am not the only one who has been reading these books!