Raider's Ransom Book Review

Raider's Ransom by Emily Diamand

It is the 23rd century and much of England is underwater, split apart by political absence, feuding raiders, and water. Lilly wants nothing more than to be left alone with her gray seacat, free to fish. However, when Lilly's village is attacked and the Prime Minister's daughter kidnapped, Lilly goes off to rescue them since the Prime Minister firmly believes the villagers are responsible and wants them to be put to death. On her journey, Lilly runs into Zeph, the conflicted son of the raider chieftain who has the kidnapped little girl. Perhaps the worst part is that the "jewel" Lilly stole for the child's ransom turns out to be a gaming computer from a time when computers were not considered evil.

Raider's Ransom is a fascinating postapocalyptic book with a smart and daring heroin. Diamand builds a world that is both believable, primitive, and fun to imagine. The characters are realistic There are Viking-like raiders with their warring houses. Scotland with their technology that they are not sharing. A maddening bad guy in the form of the Prime Minister who believes everyone but the rich are conniving, dirty scoundrels.

Be warned, despite being an intermediate read, there are definitely some very intense scene, one involving Lilly rotating on a wheel while having knives thrown at her. The logic says if she isn't hit by the knives then she isn't guilty. Lilly does not take this very well. There are moments that are so suspenseful that I found myself wanting to rush ahead simply because I couldn't take it. However, I was a good reader and did not. There are many unanswered questions that point to the sequel which releases in April.

Raider's Ransom is a full force action filled beginning with memorable characters, an unforgettable setting, and a plot that will leave you gasping for more.