Picture Books: New and Noteworthy

Mo Willems is at it again, with this picture book with chapters that is vaguely reminiscent of Frog and Toad. Alligator is funny and interesting and any child with a stuffed toy will find this one entertaining and funny.

I will forever sing the praises of Elephant and Piggie. They are hysterical. Paying homage to The Monster at the End of This Book, Mo Willems creates and interactive reading experience that will have a child reading the book over and over, never mind that Piggie tells you to. All I can say is...Banana.

Pirate books are always a pleaser, but this one really made me smile. Just the image of a pirate sitting in time out on the cover made me smile, and the story is fun too. I imagine that if any parent is having some behavioral issues, this one could be used as a helpful tool.

Peter Brown's first book The Curious Garden was a beautiful book with illustrations that brought a tear to my eye. In Children Make Terrible Pets, Peter Brown uses the same style of illustration, something like a cross between fifties cartoons and advertising art. Also, how many times has a child walked in the door with some creepy crawly squeaky thing and asked if they could keep it?

This book is a very rare animal, very rare indeed. A science fiction picture book. I was pleased that Clunk, the pen pal of the child, is not some figment of his imagination nor a stuffed animal, but a true bona fide alien who shares a common hatred of the boys sister. The illustrations were cute, and I could think of a number of crafts that would go along great with this book.

With Father's Day coming up, this is a book you may want to pick up. Within the sea of Father's Day paraphernalia, this is a gem. The child is cute, the dad is awesome, the family is mixed, and the story is great. I'm sure this will not be just a holiday book.

A marvelously illustrated story about Jane Goodall when she was a child. Somehow I managed to get a poster of one of the spreads and it looks rather lovely in my office/library. I love how this book shows how deep love and passion can carry into adulthood and something as simple as a stuffed monkey could produce a life that embodies strength, courage, and dedication.

What is it about this book? It is adorable. Itsy Mitsy is so cute, she's relatable, although I think children would have a hard time stuffing their houses into the back of their wagons.

Awesome board book! This one is filled with pictures of really awesome mohwaked, rockin' out, skull wearing, leather jacketed, babies. My brother would love this book for my nephew.

Definitely a bedtime book, the beautiful illustrations and simple sing song prose really gave me a sense of gentleness.

Yet another pirate book (because I love 'em). Small Saul is a rather unlikely pirate, but he is determined, for who wouldn't want to be a pirate, even if you are the kind that cooks, cleans, and is terrible at pillaging.