Links & Thinks

I swear my dear readers that I have not abandoned this blog or that I have quit reading. I just find it extremely difficult to update a blog regularly when I have no Internet at home (which is where I like to spend my time when not working). That said I have read a couple of wonderful books lately an you can look forward to reviews of Wildwood by Colin Meloy, Liesel & Po by Lauren Oliver, and something having to do with Dune, which I just re-read for the millionth time. That said there are three books on my bookshelf that I just can't seem to find any interest in finishing. Mississippi Jack by L.A. Meyer, Matched by Allie Condie, and Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Perhaps there will be a blog entry concerning why I can't get through books sometimes. Or why I quit reading them.

Along that note, check out this link for some "great" books that some other folks just couldn't get into.

Oh and stop by the Storyteller's Inkpot, a wonderful writer's blog by the faculty and students of Hamline University.