I'm Here by Peter Reynolds Book Review

I'm Here by Peter Reynolds

A child sits alone on a playground. The loud noises and bustling children make it hard for him to join in the fun. So he makes himself a paper airplane and flies away, imagining all kinds of fun. When he lands, a little girl retrieves the plane and the beginning of a quiet friendship is underway.

With its sparse text and beautiful illustrations, Reynolds has written another wonderful story. By page three I was completely aware that the child in the story was autistic. This is a rare find. Not only because it is a picture book that isn't one of those, "Sally Has Autism" books, but also because it is told with such simplicity and not once did Reynolds feel it necessary to inform the reader why the child is not playing with the others. If the reader picks this up then good, if not, that is fine too for the story stands on its own. Even without words, it is great. See for yourself:


Jess said...

Sounds wonderful. I want this.