Insert Romantic Cliche Here

As a teen I was what you would call a late bloomer. I wasn't very interested in boys nor was I interested in the girls who were obsessed over them. I preferred watching movies and reading books and going out places with my friends. We once invented a game called pan ball in which you went to Wal-mart, got a pan from the pan aisle and a ball from the ball aisle and then proceeded to play a version of tennis in which the only rules were don't break anything. Ahh, to be young. Even when I did begin dating, I think it was more for the...this is what you do not necessarily because I was boy crazy.

Now that I am an adult, I have to say, the plight of the teenage dating process doesn't interest me in the slightest. Neither does the breakup process concern me. This may be because I know that for very few of these teens, the relationships they have at fifteen are lasting. Sure it leaves a psychological impact, but it is just not something I care about.

This does not mean that I think these books are badly written in the least. Clearly they fulfill an emotional need and many teenagers can relate to them. All I am saying is that there are some books that I am more likely to avoid. If the occasional romance shows up then so be it, but an entire book about love and dating or breaking up is not something I would pick up on my own. In other words, Romance is not my genre.

Which is why books like the following often have characters and storylines that I just can't seem to care about and they will rarely be blogged about:

Just thought I would clear that up for some of my readers who wonder why I don't review more of these types of books.