Rapture of the Deep Book Review

Rapture of the Deep by L.A. Meyer

Jacky Faber. Soldier, Sailor, Lieutenant in His Majesty's Royal Navy, one time Pirate, Belle of the West, Dancer, Musician, and Spy is at it again. On the day of her wedding to a Mr. Jaimy Fletcher, Jacky is once again abducted by the Royal Intelligence Agency and is offered a choice, one that leads her back to the Caribbean. Diving off the coast, Jacky is being forced to search a ship with sunken treasure with the hopes that she will receive a royal pardon and can actually marry her fiancee. But as usual nothing ever goes as planned and Jacky finds herself in an ocean of trouble with flirtatious pirates, angry Spanish commanders, and some seriously tempting treasure.

In this seventh book in the Bloody Jack series, Jacky is in her element. In control of her own ship, if not her own life, Jacky for the most part is rather happy in this tale and it felt so refreshing for her to just be enjoying herself even if it couldn't be with Jaimy. Always the imp, Jacky can't resist squirreling away a little bit of the treasure for herself, but then what did you think she would do?

As usual, L.A. Meyer deftly inserts various literary and historical references like a diving bell, diving equipment, Cuba, cock fights, slave trade, and the tensions between various countries to color Jacky's world. Although I had to roll my eyes a little when Jacky "invented" scuba gear and knots for diving. (the credit for swim fins should go to Ben Franklin)

One thing I haven't written too much about in previous reviews is how L.A. Meyer uses stories, sea shanties, and ballads to fill this world. Rapture of the Deep features a lovely rendition of Drunken Sailor, Bully in the Alley, Hush-a-Bye, Go Down Moses, Blood Red Roses, Lazarus, and some wonderful Brer Rabbit tales. For a little fun I will include some wonderful musical clips for those who want to hear some rather drunken sounding songs or learn a new lullaby.