A Hero for WondLa Book Review

A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Eva Nine grew up in an underground sanctuary, raised by her robot Muthr (multi-utility task helper robot) having never seen another human being before. At the end of The Search for WondLa, Eva and her friend Rovender Kitt meet a boy named Hailey who hails from New Attica, an entire colony full of humans  who live together in peace and harmony.

But New Attica is not the Utopian paradise she was promised. The people know nothing of Orbona or the aliens who have made it home. They questions nothing and their leader is clearly bent on reclaiming this world for the humans.

Launching from where the last book left off, A Hero for WondLa is just as action packed as the last installment. DiTerlizzi has created a sci-fi world that feels like a classic fairy tale with talking trees and flying warships. It is a world that feels like it should be home and yet it is not and it was easy to relate to both Eva, a new creature for a new world, and the humans who are so desperately trying to hold onto the old one. I absolutely love to see science fiction for middle grade readers because it was a book like this one that made me fall in love with the genre, a love affair that has continued to this day.

Caught within the pages are DiTerlizzi's beautiful illustrations, all tinted with blue in this sequel. Like any good picture book, the illustrations enhance the story, but at no point did they feel like a substitute for good storytelling.

The stakes are getting bigger with each book, more questions are answered, and for Eva this is a coming of age story like none other, with changes that are both metaphorical and physical. A gem of a sci-fi that isn't afraid to allow its readers to think. I cannot wait for the third installment.