Horten's Incredible Illusions Book Reviews

Horten's Incredible Illusions: Magic, Mystery, and Another Strange Adventure by Lissa Evans

With the discovery of his Uncle's magic tricks, Stuart (who is ten but looks younger) and his friend April are sad their adventure ended, that is until they find a piece of paper and a six pointed star hidden within one of the tricks. The paper speaks of a will, his Uncle's will that is hidden within the six different magic tricks. Once again, April and Stuart must follow the clues, a few of which, are rather dangerous in nature.

I was absolutely enchanted by Horten's Miraculous Mechanism, and am pleased to report that Horten's Incredible Illusions has just as many great puzzles, capers, mysteries, and adventure as the first. April, May, and June, Stuart's nosy triplet neighbors, play a larger part in this venture. Stuart and his dad grow closer, despite his father's constant need to use polysyllabic words. And the stakes feel just as big, although I was happy that it was the magic itself that posed danger rather than another "baddie".

This is a short, quick read, but I think young readers who love adventure and mystery with just a bit of magic, are going to love this series, and although both end very well, I am hoping to see another one soon.