Hard and High-Tech Sci-Fi for Young Adults

I am not at all against the whole dystopian sci-fi genre that has basically taken over the teen section. I loved The Maze Runner, Legend, and Divergent. Yet, sometimes my sci-fi soul is not satisfied. It needs more. It wants aliens, spaceships, hyperspeed, cryosleep, other planets, and generally something that goes beyond the simple limits of our gravitational pull. Sadly, when it comes to the middle grade and young adult genres, these stories are few and far between. How are young people to discover the wonder that is science-fiction if all they are even given is Hunger Games-like dystopian? Then  again, if they were anything like me, they will devour the few sci-fi books in the juvenile and teen sections and then move right into the adult sci-fi. Of course, I could go backward and include some older titles in this list, but let's stick with books that are in print and actually carried in bookstores these days.

Please tell me I am overlooking some? After all, I can't read everything now can I.