Middle School: Ultimate Showdown by James Patterson Book Review

Middle School: Ultimate Showdown (Middle School #6) by James Patterson and Julia Bergen
Illustrations by Alec Longstreth
Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company
Release Date: March 31, 2014

Young readers now have a chance to join Rafe and Georgia on their Middle School adventures. Polar opposites, the Khatchadorian siblings discuss topics ranging from bullying to cafeteria food, dress codes to drawing.

I know, I know. There is a lot of anti-James Patterson sentiment out there. After all, it is glaringly obvious that no one man can possibly write as many books as he does in a year. We know about his "co-authors". We are aware of the writing factory that is now James Patterson. However, I can't help but like these books. Really. I find them funny, cute, and great reads for the age group it is geared for.

This activity book is little bit different from the other books as it doesn't have much of a storyline, but eleven-year-old me would have loved it. Not only did I love the idea of being able to write in a book, but I was just starting to do journaling so this concept of an activity book/novel would have been extremely appealing. Rafe and Georgia are very different from each other too, so these stories can suit two very different types of kids. I was, by the way, Georgia. There was a bit of sibling rivalry, fights between my brothers and I, but we weren't like these kids. I liked my brothers.