Smek for President by Adam Rex Book Review

Smek for President by Adam Rex Book Review
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: February 10, 2015

In a sequel that I never expected, Gratuity "Tip" (the human) and J.Lo (the Boov), have returned in another intergalactic adventure. After taking back planet Earth from the Gorg, the Boov have decided to move to one of Saturn's moons. J.Lo still feels guilty about the role he played and wishes to make things right. Together he and Tip travel in Slushious to New Booveworld to do a little sightseeing and to set things right. However, soon Tip and J.Lo are caught up in a web of conspiracy and lies that lands J.Lo in prison, has a mysterious Boov in black who is trying to kill J.Lo, and ends up with Tip in a garbage dump. With a presidential election on the horizon, it is up to Tip to put things right and get back home before she gets into any more trouble.

The True Meaning of Smekday is one of my favorite fun books. Who can't like a book where an Boov alien calls himself J.Lo soups up a car using a slushy machine and then travels to Happy Mouse World? Adam Rex's illustrations are fun and imaginative as I have come to expect from him. This sequel isn't anything less. Tip is her usual strong-willed self who may not always make the best decisions, but is smart and quick-thinking. J.Lo is the character who really has depth though. Wracked with guilt, J.Lo dreams of inventing a time machine in order to fix the mistakes of his past.

Laugh out loud funny, it is fun to see the Boov in their own element, speaking clear sentences, moving around in suck tunnels. Although not all the illustrations were complete, this was just what I would have expected from a sequel. I do recommend that if you haven't read the first book, that you do so. You have a few months to read it before the sequel comes out. I know I will be buying a copy as soon as it does.

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Also, did you know they are making a movie from The True Meaning of Smekday by Dreamworks, coming out next spring? Yeah, I just found out too. Other than some names being changed, I am really really excited about it.