The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs Book Review

The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs
Illustrations by Jake Parker
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Release Date: July 15, 2014

All Nathan wants to do is keep his tooth, but this is apparently against Tooth Fairy protocol. No matter where he hides it, the Tooth Fairy manages to find it. This means war!

In a hilarious battle of wills, this imaginative and cute book takes a classic idea and adds a fun new twist on it. The ending was rather abrupt, with Nathan winning some kind of award for his battle with the tooth fairy, but seeing as picture books are rather short and all end rather quickly, it wasn't enough to ruin the story. I dare say, a lot of kids would really like the idea of winning an award from the Tooth Fairy administration (or whatever they are called). The illustrations are full of great personality that really leaps off the page. I recommend reading this one to kids before they lose their teeth. Parents might save a bit of money if they do.