Marble Season Book Review

Marble Season by Gilbert Hernández
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
Release Date: April 16, 2013

In this semi-autobiographical graphic novel, Gilbert Hernandez, takes his readers back to the 1960s/ Full of pop-culture references, comic books, and marbles, readers are given a glimpse into what is clearly being touted as the golden age of comic books and growing up. 

I am not entirely sure why this book shows up as a children's graphic novel. (or at least it did on the list that I found) Although the characters are children, there is not enough historical context for this to really appeal to kids or teens. Even I, the adult reader, found myself confused at times. Throughout the entire book, there were moments where I thought that a page was missing or at the very least a few panels, which often left me bewildered. This is a story, although I loosely call it that, which follows the rather mundane life of kids living in the suburbs. I struggled throughout the book to determine what it was that the author was trying to convey. Nostalgia? Childishness? Growing up? Whatever it was, I never think I got it. Also, I really wish someone would explain to me why one of the little girls kept eating marbles. Inquiring minds want to know.