Telephone by Mac Barnett Book Review

Telephone by Mac Barnett
Illustrations by Jen Corace
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: September 9, 2014

It's time to fly home for dinner. In a classic game of Telephone a mother bird gives the bird next to her the message that it is time for little Pete to come home. As the message travels down the telephone wire, the message becomes terribly garbled.

I think I have become a total Mac Barnett fangirl. President Taft in the Bath, Oh No!Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World, Chloe and the Lion, Extra Yarn. Imaginative, clever, fun, and always accompanied by the best illustrations, these are the kinds of books that kids can laugh at and read over and over without parents getting too tired of it. It is also the perfect entry into playing your own game of Telephone with kids. Any book that has practical applications and activities gets a gold star in my book.