Nativity Stories Book List

I have always had a problem with Nativity stories. Not because I have a problem with the birth and celebration of that birth, but rather I take issue with the lack of diversity and factual information within them. However you may feel about the nativity story, the truth is over the past 2,000 years a number of inaccuracies have cropped up. It is understandable that in 1400 Germany where the majority of the population was illiterate, that you would draw pictures of this story in a way that the people would understand and accept. You would paint Mary and Joseph as looking German. They would wear clothes that were vaguely reminiscent of middle eastern clothing, but just barely. But now? Now, we know and understand what people from this area of the world look like and yet we continue to do the same thing. It bothers me that the majority of nativity stories feature a very fair couple and their even paler child. As I was building this book list I even found one where Joseph had red hair and freckles. Are you kidding me?! Then there are the myths that have slowly been built based on out of context misinformation, misunderstandings, and not understanding the language that the Gospels were written in. Example: There was no innkeeper. Look it up. He/She does not exist in this story. Never mentioned. Not once. Don't get me started on the whole barn/stable thing. That is only the beginning of the inaccuracies featured in these nativity stories. Frankly, if I had a young child I think I would avoid most of these stories altogether and go straight to the original source along with some serious explanations. Below are a few stories that I think are cute, beautiful, or interesting, but I challenge you (if you are so inclined) to research the historical context of this story. It is very interesting and very different from what you have learned over the years.