The Big Blue Thing On the Hill by Yuval Zommer Book Review

The Big Blue Thing On the Hill by Yuval Zommer
Publisher: Templar
Release Date: January 6, 2015

Things are peaceful at Howling Hill, where the bears, boars, and foxes live in harmony. That is, until a Big Blue Thing (a camper van to us humans) arrives on the hill. Everyone agrees--it needs to go. Each of the animals then sets about trying to scare away the blue thing, but nothing works. Finally, they consult the wise owl who calls forth all the bugs and makes them fly inside the big blue thing. As the insects swarm, the blue thing leaves in a hurry, leaving Howling Hill peaceful once more.

This book is a bit of an odd duck. The illustrations were adorable, but at times, some of the animals looked a bit strange and demented. At no point do any people emerge from the big blue thing (aka camper) for unknown reasons. I mean, we know that there are people inside so why not let us see them at some point? I wonder how the animals would react then? However, the storyline itself, of anthropomorphized animals being afraid of something innocuous like a camper was cute and funny. A bit of a mixed bag, I am sure there will be kids who will love it, even if it is missing any sort of internal logic.