To the Sea by Cale Atkinson Book Review

To the Sea by Cale Atkinson
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: June 2, 2015

Sometimes Tim feels invisible and lonely. Then he meets Sam. Sam is a blue whale trying to find his way home. Tim knows where home is, but returning Sam there is going to be hard work.

What is the deal with whales being stranded on land? Recently there was The Storm Whale. There is of course Adam Rex's Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem. There is also Whale in the Bath, My Friend Whale, and The Whale in My Swimming Pool. Is it that we like the idea of whale's being on land or being our friends? Is it the absurdity of the concept? None of this should be taken as a criticism of the actual book, I am just curious as to this whole whale as a friend concept. Then again, I did just review a book called Sea Rex, so there's that.

Adorably illustrated, I was in love with this whale the minute I saw his tiny little face on his big blubbery body. A book about an unlikely friendship and the lengths that someone will go to for their friend is the perfect sized message for this lovely little picture book.