Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion by Alexis Dormal Book Review

Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion by Alexis Dormal
Illustrations by Dominique Roques
Publisher: First Second
Release Date: June 16, 2015

The story is simple. Anna Banana and her friends are going to make a cake. Grizzler the bear doesn't want to join them. They make a huge mess as children are wont to do and then in comes Grizzler with a beautiful already-baked cake. Of course, the other animals are suspicious and they follow the Bear...all the way to the bakery. Bear admits to cheating, but soon agrees to help them bake a real cake.

In this semi-graphic novel picture book, Anna Banana is at it again. What I love about these books is that they are a very early introduction into the comic book style of reading. Anna and her animal friends are lively, animated, and full of personality. I love her larger than life personality and how her imagination brings these animals to life. I am also imagining the look on her mother's face when she walks into that room and sees the chocolate explosion. Perfect for the budding cook in the family or the kid with way too many stuffed animals, Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion will make the little ones giggle and the grown-ups moan.