Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson Book Review

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson
Illustrations by Michael Robertson
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Release Date: September 1, 2015

Nothing scares Winifred Schnitzel, but the neighborhood monsters are causing her some problems, mostly because they won't let her sleep. Exhausted, Winifred has tried everything to get her growling companions to move on, but they will have none of it. The traps don't work. She can't scare them. Then Winifred stumbles upon a secret--Monsters don't like kisses.

How adorable is Winifred? The illustrations in this book are fantastic. Winifred is so vibrant and determined. The monsters just the right amount of scary, and just the right amount goofy, especially when it comes down to kisses. I love that instead of trying to teach about how not to be afraid (since Winifred is not), this story is about how to get rid of monsters once and for all. They are seen as nuisances rather than anything needing to be worried about. Seeing as monsters are a typical worry for young children, I think this book would fit in nicely with bedtime story cannon and is perfect for the child who needs a way to banish monsters, whether they are afraid or not.