Lizard From the Park by Mark Pett Book Review

Lizard From the Park by Mark Pett
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 8, 2015

While walking through the park, Leonard finds an egg. Inside is...a lizard! Leonard soon has a problem, though, and it's bigger than you can imagine. Will Leonard be able to keep his lizard under wraps, or is it becoming too much trouble to handle?

Let's just say it. Leonard hasn't found a lizard...Leonard found a dinosaur. Which is awesome. It does take a few pages for the reader to realize that this lizard is not what it seems, but this only adds to the comic factor. For those who are in love with books set in New York City, this one is right up your alley, hitting up most of the NYC highlights like the NY Public Library, subway, The American Museum of Natural History, and even a stop for a cronut. The illustrations are adorable as all of Mark Pett's work is, playing on the same color palette as The Girl and the Bicycle and The Boy and the Airplane  sans the brown background. And Leonard is just way too cute. Perfect for dreamers, travelers, and kids who have visited or live in NYC, Lizard From the Park is a simple story with big character.