The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey Book Review

The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey
Illustrations by Garry Parsons
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 1, 2015

Dear Uncle Morton: You'd better get on a plane right now and come back here. Your dragon has eaten Jemima. Emily loved that rabbit! I'd better go now. I can smell burning. --Eddie

Babysitting a dragon shouldn't be this difficult, or at least it should have come with an instruction manual. The mailman isn't delivering mail anymore. His poop is well, huge. He's burning and breaking stuff. And Uncle Morton isn't answering Eddie's letters. 

Whether Uncle Morten really left the dragon because he was on vacation or because he simply needed a break isn't clear in the beginning, but it soon becomes clear that Uncle Morten failed to leave some very important instructions behind. The fantasy element, a dragon, is a bit confusing for clearly this is the kind of place where dragons exist and can be dragonsitted, yet no one has ever heard of them when Eddie calls for help. I don't think this matters in the slightest because kids aren't going to sit around deconstructing the internal logic of a dragon fantasy chapter book. And they aren't going to question the convenient ending either. 

This is a fun easy-to-read chapter book with the right mix of magic and humor.