The Only Child by Guojing

The Only Child by Guojing
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Release Date: December 1, 2015

A wordless picture book that follows a little girl as she sets off for her grandmother's on her own, getting lost in the woods and taken care of by a stag. There she finds a home and a family, but even a fantasy world cannot last forever and eventually the little girl must find her way home.

This picture book was beautiful and delightful, but I admit that it was the story behind the story that intrigued me. Thanks to the one child policy in China, Guojing grew up without siblings and with two working parents. Lonely and left home alone often, there was a time where Guojing tried to go to grandma's house, but got lost along the way. Of course, there was no stag, that was the hope and dream, but the sentiments were the same. And my heart went out to this lonely child who, for necessity, was left home alone with only a television for company. I know that not all only children are lonely, but this one was and the pathos of it definitely drew me in.