Bloom by Doreen Cronin Book Review

Bloom by Doreen Cronin
Illustrations by David Small
Publisher: Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
Release Date: February 9, 2016

Poor Mud Fairy. Although she has helped her kingdom in more ways than one, no one seems to appreciate her in the glass kingdom. And so she leaves. Who needs people who constantly complain about the dirt and puddles that she leaves her in wake? The kingdom moves on, years go by, exaggerated stories are told of Bloom and her contribution to the kingdom. Whether they like it or not though, the King and Queen do need her help as the glass castle begins to crack. When they send a knight to find Bloom, he rejects her, not willing to see that this dirty little fairy is in fact the answer to their problems. So the King and Queen choose their meekest, most ordinary girl in the kingdom named Genevieve. Together the little girl and Bloom work together to save the kingdom, messy muddy hands and all.

Like many picture books, this book had a message, one that implied that sometimes something that seems ordinary (or dirty) can make something extraordinary. Sure we all would love for out children to do something extraordinary, but what if you are just an ordinary kid? Or what if you are the kid whose talents are underappreciated because they aren't as sparkly and clean as someone else's. My only major complaint is that Genevieve has to be fixed, as if she wasn't good as she was.

Message aside though, this story very much felt like a cute little story about a kingdom and fairy. Like a little adventure in similar tone to Princess Hyacinth and The Paperbag Princess. The illustrations are classic David Small, full of life and energy. I think little ones, especially ones who like their fairies a bit more rough and tumble, will enjoy this one.