Spot, the Cat by Henry Cole Book Review

Spot, the Cat by Henry Cole
Publisher: Little Simon
Release Date: March 1, 2016

In this wordless picture book, readers will follow a cat named Spot throughout the city, visiting a park and a farmers market. Meanwhile, just behind Spot is one boy who is looking for his pet, missing him in the hustle and bustle. No worries though, for Spot always returns home in the end.

I am not sure what the intention was of the author, but this book often felt like some kind of Where's Waldo?, I found myself growing bored as I searched through the busy pages for the cat and I found myself longing for a bit of color in this black & white world. Don't get me wrong, the illustrations were beautifully done, but with so much going on on every page, the "story" despite being wordless, was lost. Definitely the kind of book that a kid could spend long minutes poring over each page if they are so inclined.