Cleopatra in Space, Book Three: Secret of the Time Tablets by Mike Maihack Book Review

Cleopatra in Space, Book Three: Secret of the Time Tablets (Book 3) by Mike Maihack 
Publisher: GRAPHIX
Release Date: April 26, 2016

In the third installment the sci-fi graphic novel series, Cleo and her friends are headed to the city of Hykosis to seek out the legendary time tablets. When they run into an enemy fleet, plans change quickly and Clep and Akila are on their own to find the tablets. However, they soon run into an old nemesis who may turn out to be a friend and a friend who may be the enemy.

Action-packed as usual, Cleopatra in Space continues to be fantastically absurd. Ancient Egyptian Princess in space who at one point dons a cowboy hat. Yeah, it went there, but I think that is what I love about this series. Cleo is brave and impetuous and although she gets them out of a lot of scrapes, half of them are caused by her.

I do wish there was a bit more character development with Cleo as most of the pathos of the story exist in the secondary characters. Cleo is just Cleo which works for one or two books, but when you turn it into a series, I need a bit more than she is a good shot and savior of the universe. That aside, the series is fun and ridiculous and I can't wait to read number 4.