Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen Book Review

Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen 
Publisher: Dial Books
Release Date: June 7, 2016

Looks will fool you. There is this little bitty, glass-wearing fish just minding his own business when an octopus snatches him up, intent on eating him. Poor little guy! But octopus is in for a rude surprise because this little fish has a defense mechanism that works just as good as any ink.

As a grown adult who reads way too many picture books, one would think that I was no longer surprised by twist endings, but I was pleasantly surprised. Such wonderful dark humor. At first I thought, really is the author really going there with this? It is the circle of life, but fish being eaten by predators always feels like something more appropriate for non-fiction. Allen knew what she was doing though. I am really attempting not to give anything away in this review, which is hard when a book is only thirty-two pages. My advice is to get this book from your local library or bookstore and see the twist for yourself.