Welcome to Children's Atheneum! 

Children's Atheneum is the official blog for Venus Bradley (formerly Venus Musgrove) created in 2009 as a way to spread the information she was learning in her Master's program to the children's book community. 

Although Atheneum is a rather funny name in modern English, it felt like the right word when originally setting up this site. Having lived in Boston and being rather fond of the Boston Atheneum with its old books, rotating art, and free admission, it made sense that if a place were to be created that studied children's literature in its many facets, that Atheneum would be the right word for it. 

The purpose of this blog is to share new and upcoming books, to give insight into illustrators, provide useful essays on children's writing and literature, and to sometimes rant about the state of science fiction in mainstream publishing. The posts are meant to give honest personal opinions in regards to books, but in a way that is hopefully constructive and knowledgable. 

Children's Atheneum doesn't critically review specific titles, however review copies in the U.S./Canada can be sent directly to Venus. For information and an address where you can send books, please contact at All books will be given due consideration. If interested in a blog tour or interview, a review copy will be required prior to the release of the book. At this time, I will not be reviewing books in ebook format only.

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