Forgotten Author of the Week

Janet Louise Lunn (1928-)

Janet Lunn is one of Canada's most famous children's writer. She moved to Canada to attend Queen's University where she met her husband. In 1968 Lunn published her first book, Double Spell, and then began working as a children's book editor for Clark, Irwin Publishers. Her books have won numerous awards and praise all over the world.

Of all her books, perhaps her best and my favorite is The Root Cellar. The story is about twelve-year-old Rose who is unhappy in her new home, where she'd been sent to live with unknown relatives, she probably would never have fled down the stairs of the ordinary looking root cellar if she had been happy. But if she hadn't, she never would have climbed up into another century, the world of the 1860s, and the chaos of Civil War--
This book fascinated me as a child, and blended together both magic and history and a way that believable and fun. This book is a must for any young adult library and still in print.
Among Lunn's other book is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Amo's Sweater, Shadow in Hawthorne Bay, The Hollow Tree, and many others.
For more information, visit Janet's website where you can find a full bio, online readings, more books, and contact information.