In the Beginning

The purpose of this blog is simple. To share my thoughts, feelings, reviews, interviews, and information about children and young adult books with anyone who cares to read. This blog will be more about the writing aspect of the books and their content rather than simple reviews.

A little about me. I am a grad student at Hamline Unversity where I am studying Writing for Children & Young Adults. I have a BA in Publishing, and have worked for Candlewick Press as an intern, and am currently doing freelance work while looking for a job in Publishing.

I love to read. The one constant throughout my life has been my absolute obsession with books. I am always in the middle of a book, and it is usually a children's or young adult book. For years I have considered putting reviews as well as any interviews and information I have about books with the world, and now that I am in grad school, and I am forced to do this already, I might as well publish my findings here. I hope that you, the reader, enjoy everything you find here.