The Thief by Megan Turner

This is a beautiful example of a first person narrative that can still surprise the reader. Turner creates a contest of wits between a number of very different, very deadly, and very talented people. The narrative reads like a fireworks display of daring plans, brilliant ideas, sleight of hand, and astonishing courage. Hidden motives abound. Even the narrator lies to the reader. What an ingenous way to engage your reader. But I cannot tell you about this book, without mentioning her other two, Queen of Attolia and King of Attolia, books 2 & 3 in the series. Although The Thief could be considered stand alone, it is the trio that rounds out the character of Jen. Turner is brilliant by the thirs book by not making the first person perspective be that of Jen but rather a soldier who thinks Jen is a bumbling fool. The thing is, we know Jen so well after two books, that the entire books you are saying to the little soldier man, "You just wait, Jen is amazing." What a great way to write a book. Still rooting for a character that is being portrayed as a horrible person. Brilliant.