Illustrator of the Week - Lisa Jahn-Clough

Born in Rhode Island, Lisa Jahn-Clough lived on a farm until she was ten. When she was ten her family moved to maine. Much of Jahn-Clough's stories stem from her own life, her personal experiences through moving, divoce, death, and diabetes. She was inspired by books like Eloise, Ramons, Harriet the Spy, The Secret Garden, Little Women, and many biographies.

The development of her art was a entirely different journey. Art was something Jahn-Clough had always done, as her mother was also an artist. Her childhood was full of arts & crafts, pasting & coloring, and drawing. In high school she won a couple of awards. In 1990 she wrote and illustrated Alicia Has a Bad Day. Since then she has written and illustrated four other books with the Alicia Character. Today Lisa Jahn-Clough teaches at Hamline University, sharing her love of picture books, writing, and illustrations to all who will listen. I have been very excited to have her as one of my professors.