Book of the Week - ...If You Lived When Women Won Their Rights

...If You Lived When Women Won Their Rights by Anne Kamma

This book is organized very well. First it sets up the story, the very reason the book is written. We begin with the very first women, Abigail Adams and Deborah Sampson, who began writing and talking about women’s rights. Then we delve into what women were not allowed to do. This is extremely important in the set up of the story, for many young girls today do not understand what it was these women were fighting for.  Jamma hits on poignant issues that young reader’s would be interested in such as what woman wore the first pants, rode bicycles, and schooling. Mixed within those tidbits are the facts, the women who fought, and the eventual winning of women’s right to vote, own land, and go to college. By carefully mixing these two things, the reader gets all the facts without getting bored by all the names, places, and laws.