Forgotten Author of the Week - Alexander Key

Yet another author in which you do know their work although perhaps not their name. In a week the DVD release of Race to Witch Mountain will be out. In honor of this event, I present to you--Alexander Key.

Alexander Key was an American children's sci-fi writer. He became nationally known for his illustrations before he became an author. Many of his books have a distinctive rugged landscape due to his home being in the North Carolina mountains.

His novel Escape to Witch Mountain was made into a popular film in 1975, 1995, and again this year. The sequel, Return From Witch Mountain (an absolute favorite of mine) was also made into another popular film in 1978. Among some of his other books is The Incredible Tide which was made into an anime series called Future Boy Conan, Sprockets, The Forgotten Door, The Sword of Aradel, and a dozen others.

Key is known for his portrayals of aline, but human-like people who have psychic powers and close communion with nature. Often his characters can speak to animals. The protagonists of Key's books are often ostracized, feared, or persecuted because of their abilities or alien origin, and Key uses this as a clear metaphor for racism and other prejudice.