Book of the Week - The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

I stumbled across this book while during storytime. We planted wildflowers, which are currently in bloom on my windowsill.

This charming little picture book creates two very interesting characters
. While out exploring one day, Liam discovers a little tiny bit of green stuff growing on some abandoned railroad tracks. He begins to nurture the garden, which becomes curiouser and curiouser as the story continues. The garden explores the railroad tracks, and then other rooftops, street corners, roads, parks, until the entire city is green and beautiful and all the citizens are helping the curious garden grow.

The pictures have a very classic look, but it is the slow greening of the
pictures that makes it so magical. The first picture is of an old gr
ay city and in the end it is so beautiful and green. What child wouldn't
want a beautiful green garden after reading this book?